Sarah Rebolloso McCullough


Associate Director, Feminist Research Institute, University of California, Davis, August 2016 to present.

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Graduate Studies, University of California, Davis, December 2015 to July 2016.

Associate Director, Center for the Humanities, University of California, San Diego, August 2013 to November 2015.


PhD program in Cultural Studies, June 2013, University of California-Davis, Davis, California

·       Designated Emphasis in Feminist Theory & Research

·       Interests: science & technology, mobilities, sport, clothing, performance, embodiment, feminist theory & practice, material culture

M.A. in American Studies, August 2007, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.

  • Thesis: Construction of the Female Body in Action: A Study of Women’s Sport Uniforms

M.A. in English, August 2002, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

B.A. in English & Spanish, December 2000, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


How did mountain biking emerge from a confluence of counterculture, road cycling, environmentalism, and the appropriate technology movement in Marin county during the 1970s? Through archival and ethnographic fieldwork with the innovators and early riders of mountain bikes, my research explores how mountain biking reframed nature as a space for ‘adventure,’ transformed the bike industry into a site of quick innovation and globalized craft, and influenced urban bicycling politics through the assumption of privilege and leisure.




  • Advertising and Society at UC San Diego (COMM 109D) Spring 2014, Instructor
  • Cultural Politics of Sport at UC San Diego (COMM 111T) Winter 2014, Instructor
  • Mountain Biking and the Built Environment: Seeing the World on Two Wheels (STS 165) Summer 2012 Associate Instructor
  • Mountain Biking History, Culture, and Innovation (FRS 002) Spring 2012 Co-Instructor
  • Material Culture at UC Davis (AMS 021) Summer 2011 Associate Instructor
  • Cultural Diversity in America at University of Wyoming (AMST 2110) Summer 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Instructor
  • Sport, Fitness & Culture at UC Davis (AMS 101G) Spring 2011 Associate Instructor
  • Style and Cultural Studies at UC Davis (TXC 007) Summer 2009 Co-Instructor
  • Technology in American Culture at UC Davis (AMS 005) Fall 2011 Teaching Assistant
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at UC Davis (ANT 002) Winter 2011 Teaching Assistant.
  • Material Culture at UC Davis (AMS 021) Spring 2008, Fall 2008 Teaching Assistant
  • Science and American Culture at UC Davis (AMS 001A) Fall 2007 Teaching Assistant
  • Women in Sport at University of Wyoming (WMST 1020/HLSC 1020) Fall 2004-2006 Instructor


  • Curator of the Mountain Biking History and Culture Archive
  • UC Humanities Forum correspondent blogger for UC Davsi (2012)
  • Invited Speaker, “Writing and Digital Scholarship,” Graduate Group in Cultural Studies Colloquium Series, UC Davis (2008)


  • “Constructing Nature, Constructing Histories, Bicicultures Symposium, May 2013, Davis, Calfornia.
  • “The Origins of Mountain Biking and Battles over ‘Appropriate’ Experiences of Nature” American Society for Environmental Historians, April 2013, Toronto, Ontario.
  • “Exploring the Formation of Attitudes toward Bicycling” Association for Pedestrian and Bicycling Conference, September 2012, Long Beach, California.
  • “Affective Ethics of Technological Innovation” Society for the Social Studies of Science, November 2011, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • “Pushing the Body and Saving the Earth: The Subcultural Origins of Mountain Biking.” American Studies Association, October 2011, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • “Politics and Pleaures of Bicycling” Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium, UC Davis, April 2011, Davis, California.
  • “Painting the Open Road: Spatial Politics of Bike Lanes and Affective Bodies in Motion.” Cultural Studies Association, March 2011, Chicago, Illinois.
  • “Encounters with Ghosts and the Ethics of our Writing Body-Machines.” Society for the Social Studies of Science, August 2010, Tokyo, Japan.
  • “Making Bodies Like Rocket: Enhancement and Evolution of Natural Bodies.” American Studies Association, November 2009, Washington, DC.
  • “Training for Optimal Performance: How to Increase your Academic Output in 30 Days or Less.” Society for the Social Studies of Science, October 2009, Washington, DC.
  • “Gender Jammer: A Multi-media Exploration of Roller Derby as Performative Transgression.” Co-presenter with Denise Nicole Green. Thinking Gender, UCLA, February 2009.
  • “Gender Goes High-Tech: Intersection of Sport Performance, Technology and Gender,”  North American Society for Sociology of Sport, November 2008, Denver, Colorado.
  • “Defining the Natural Athletic Body: Discourses of Allowable and Prohibited Technologies in Sport,” Cultural Studies Association Conference, May 2008, New York City, New York.
  • “Performing the Athletic Body: Performance-Enhancing Drugs and the LZR Racer” Davis Humanities Center Graduate Symposium, May 2008, Davis, CA.
  • “If “Life is One Big Dress Up,” then I Want Your Wardrobe: Collection and Muffy Vanderbear,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, March 2008, San Francisco, California.
  •  “Bridging the Gap Between On-Campus Professionals,” Athletes, Eating Disorders and the College Student: Striving for Healthy Performance, May 2006, Eating Disorder Center of Denver, Denver, Colorado.
  • “Female Sport Uniforms as a Gender Border Warrior,” Women and Sport: Before, During and After Title IX, February 2005, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.



  • UC Davis Provost Dissertation Year Fellowship (2012-2013)
  • UC California Studies Consortium Research Workgroup award for digital archive creation on Bicycling Cultures and California (2012)
  • Center for Women & Research research grant (2012)
  • UC California Studies Consortium travel grant (2010, 2011)
  • Society for the Social Studies of Science travel grant (2010, 2011)
  • Davis Feminist Film Festival selection for “Fifty-Fifty,” a film on roller derby (2009)
  • Center for Women & Research grant for Gendered Bodies at Play research group (2009)
  • Center for Women & Research travel grant at University of California-Davis (2008)
  • University of Wyoming graduate school and American Studies travel grants (2005)
  • Division I Athletic Directors Association Program of Excellence Award for highest quality in student services (2005)
  • NCAA CHOICES grant for Alcohol Education program designed to reduce risky drinking behavior in the University of Wyoming community (2004)
  • Center for Teaching & Learning course design grant award to design an interdisciplinary class on Women in Sports at University of Wyoming (2003)


Professional Service

  • Bicicultures Research Group co-founder and co-organizer (2012-2013)
  • Bicicultures Roadshow and Symposium organizer (2013)
  • Society for the Social Studies of Science Student Section representative (2009-2011).
  • Facilitator, Professional Development Workshop for graduate students, Society for the Social Studies of Science, (2010 & 2011)
  • Panel Co-organizer, “Curious Liaisons: Machines, Bodies, and the Making of Inappropriate Technology,” American Studies Association (2011)
  • Seminar Co-organizer, “The Institutional Life of Cultural Studies,” Cultural Studies Association, (2011)
  • Co-organizer, International and Interdisciplinary Collaborations Panel, Society for the Social Studies of Science (2010)
  • Chair/Co-organizer, “Future Directions in Science & Technology Studies,” Society for the Social Studies of Science (2010).
  • Reviewer, National Science Foundation (2010)
  • Panel Co-organizer, “Embodiments of Progress: Technology, Machines, and Belonging in Normalcy,” American Studies Association (2009)

UC Davis Service

  • Co-facilitator, “The Institutional Life of Cultural Studies,” Graduate Group in Cultural Studies Colloquium Series, UC Davis (2011).
  • Invited Lecture, “Material Culture Analysis: Objects of Resistance,” WGS 70, Theory and Histories of Sexuality, UC Davis (2011)
  • UC Davis Graduate Group in Cultural Studies Executive Committee student representative (2010-2011)
  • Panel Organizer, “Bicycle Research Across the Disciplines,” Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium, UC Davis (2011).
  • UC Davis Graduate Group in Cultural Studies Admissions Committee student representative (2009-2010)
  • Invited Lecture, “Performing Natural Athleticism,” AMS 158, Technology and the American Body, UC Davis (2009)
  • Invited Lecture, “Spider Silk and Nature/Technology Relations,” TXC 107, Social and Psychological Aspects of Clothing, UC Davis (2008)

Public Service

  • City of Davis Bicycle Advisory Commissioner (2010-2013)
  • Davis Bike Collective President and Core Volunteer (2008-2013)
  • Workshop leader for Anti-Oppression training at Bici!Bici!, a regional conference for community bike projects (2011)
  • Workshop leader for Meeting Facilitation and Consensus training at Bike!Bike!, an international conference for community bike projects (2010


  • Institute for Transportation Studies graduate student researcher: Qualitative analysis of 54 transportation life-course interviews with the goal of determining factors in attitude formation toward bicycling. Under Susan Handy, Environmental Science & Policy, UC Davis. Funded by Department for Transportation, 2012.
  • California Architecture & Design graduate student researcher: coordinate multi-campus research group meeting and create website. Participate in dialogues about the changing field of design and how to promote the study of design in California. Under Simon Sadler, James Housefield & Christina Cogdell, Design, UC Davis. Funded by UC Humanities Research Initiative. 2011.
  • Humanities Institute graduate student researcher: analyze trends in public humanities, coordinate UC Food & the Body multi-campus research group, assist in research and editing for book revisions. Under Carolyn de la Peña, Charlotte Biltekoff, and Molly McCarthy, American Studies, UC Davis. Funded by Davis Humanities Institute. 2009-2011.
  • Medical Textiles graduate student researcher: historical discourse analysis of medical textile research revealing industry/university ties. Under Susan B. Kaiser, Textiles & Clothing Department, UC Davis. Funded by National Science Foundation. 2008-2009.
  • Masculinities Project graduate student researcher: discourse analysis, qualitative and quantitative survey creation, implementation and analysis investigating role of masculinity and fashion. Compare theoretical approaches from diaspora studies and fashion theory. Under Susan B, Kaiser, Textiles and Clothing Department, UC Davis. Funded by grant from National Textiles Center. 2007-2009.


Academic Coordinator            Athletic Department, University of Wyoming                             2003-2007

  • Ran the Lifeskills program, fostered campus collaboration, counseled students, and ran tutor training program

Learning Specialist                        Athletic Department, Marquette University                        1997-2003

  • Worked one-on-one with students with learning disabilities or special needs

Fundraising Manager         Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges            2001-2003

  • Performed all grantwriting and donor prospect research




American Studies Association (Science & Technology Caucus)

Cultural Studies Association (U.S.)

Society for the Social Studies of Science


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