Below is a list of courses that I’ve taught. Those that have web-based materials have links in the titles.

  • Advertising & Society at UC San Diego (COMM 109D) Spring 2014, Instructor
  • Cultural Politics of Sport at UC San Diego (COMM 111T) Winter 2014, Instructor
  • Technology & the Body at UC Davis (AMS 148) Summer 2013, Associate Instructor
  • Built Environment at UC Davis (STS 165) Summer 2012, Associate Instructor
  • Mountain Biking History, Culture, and Innovation at UC Davis (FRS 002) Spring 2012 Co-Instructor
  • Material Culture at UC Davis (AMS 021) Summer 2011 Associate Instructor
  • Cultural Diversity in America at University of Wyoming (AMST 2110) Summer 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Instructor
  • Sport, Fitness & Culture at UC Davis (AMS 101G) Spring 2011 Associate Instructor
  • Style and Cultural Studies at UC Davis (TXC 007) Summer 2009 Co-Instructor
  • Technology in American Culture at UC Davis (AMS 005) Fall 2011 Teaching Assistant
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at UC Davis (ANT 002) Winter 2011 Teaching Assistant.
  • Material Culture at UC Davis (AMS 021) Spring 2008, Fall 2008 Teaching Assistant
  • Science and American Culture at UC Davis (AMS 001A) Fall 2007 Teaching Assistant
  • Women in Sport at University of Wyoming (WMST 1020/HLSC 1020) Fall 2004-2006 Instructor

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