This was a ‘ham sandwich’ ride, or in my case, a over-baking powdered tortilla and peanut butter ride. I ate half of my biscuit-like tortilla and peanut butter sandwich at the top of the double-track climb, knowing there was more climb and thinking I needed the fuel. Okay, I ate all but two bites. The processed sugar-y peanut butter was delicious. Today I’m banking on my freaky genetic abilities to engage in mildly strenuous physical activity for periods of time unjustified by my previous exercise regime. From 11 miles to 30-ish miles, with twice the climbing or more? Why not? I’m Endura after all. This superpower relies heavily on my own bodily knowledge, knowing when and how far to push. Today I pushed too hard on that first climb on the two-track, leaving my walking my bike up the single-track climb like a sluggish dog. Have a gummi. Admire the view. Excuses, but good ones, to catch my breath and rest my burning legs. If I hadn’t done hellishly long runs and bikes before, and known my abilities, I would have been worried. Back in the saddle for the final ascent, and sit to enjoy the last two bites of that puffy tortilla. This view is like crack, providing the rush that makes the previous climb even more delicious. I’m one who enjoys the pain, so I can’t say that the view makes the climb “worth it.” Instead, the climb makes the view worth more. Uppers and downers, I’m developing an addiction to both (though on two wheels uppers are definitely my first love–the rush of the down is a bit much for me). This down is just my style, cross-country with bike-stopping views. But I am cashed. The road climb out of Gothic is my nemesis, but I prevail over that unforgiving bastard. While I could do Snodgrass if I HAD to, my body says it’s not a good idea with my tired muscles making my downhill sloppy and even the slightest singletrack uphill making me dismount. Body limits, body moves.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deer Creek loop

30 miles, including wrong turns


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