Going on a long mountain bike requires a significant amount of “gear.” Yesterday I planned to go on a ride after an interview, so I loaded all my “gear” in the car and took off.

Gear Checklist:

  • Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail (old)
  • Helmet: Fancy Bell
  • Shorts: SheBeast brand with a lovely chamois (crucial)
  • Top: Sports bra and jersey
  • Socks: light wool
  • Ponytail holders: Two for pigtails (stays out of the way of my helmet)
  • Sunglasses: Scratched but functional
  • Backpack: Camelback style, with full water bladder.
  • Repair supplies: Small pump, patch kit, spare tube, multi-tool, lube
  • Food: frozen burrito (thawed by lunchtime), gel, Larabars, and a homemade jelly bar (not made at my home)
  • Care products: sunscreen, lube for body chafing
  • Emergency supplies: long-sleeve jacket, leg warmers, iodine tablets, matches, space blanket, compass, map, lighter, more food
I am ready to go! Bring on the 20 mile adventure over the ridgetops! Wait.
I forgot my shoes. My special, SPD clip-in shoes. And I’m about 20 miles from their current location, on the bedroom floor.
Goodbye 20 mile ride, hello 5 mile hike.

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